Monumental Archives

In every aspect of our lives, we must curate our own collections. If two glasses break and you only had 4 to begin with, you have to decide if you are going to keep those to glasses and just get two new ones or if you’ll donate those two and just get a brand new … Continue reading Monumental Archives


Digitizing for Preservation vs Access

Something I’ve thought a lot about ever since my intro classes last year is the issue of digitizing for preservation vs digitizing for access - digitizing with individual care to replicate resources in the highest possible quality, or digitizing quickly to make sure that lower quality versions of resources are available to the public as … Continue reading Digitizing for Preservation vs Access

Levels of Preservation: A Report Card

I’ve made no secret this term that our repository The Center for the Study of Tobacco and Society has a very… special way of going about its collection management, by this I mean there is no coherent schema that any professional collections manager would recognize. For some quick background our institution is almost completely geared … Continue reading Levels of Preservation: A Report Card

Digital Preservation and Collaboration at the State Level

I have always found digital preservation to be a fascinating subject. I think it is because of my background in the fields of cataloging, historic preservation and IT troubleshooting. It may also be that I realize what a labor intensive activity creating digital files and metadata to accompany digital resources is, and what an incredible … Continue reading Digital Preservation and Collaboration at the State Level

The past as the key to the future

This post will share an article about digital preservation. The article is titled: Bridging the Two Fossil Records: Paleontology’s “big data” future resides in museum collections. The authors in this article begin by introducing the concept of two distinct but intertwined fossil records. The first is the physical record consisting of material objects, the fossils … Continue reading The past as the key to the future

Digital Preservation

I recently talked with a coworker about digital preservation and preservation policies. The department that she works in is getting ready to acquire some new preservation software. More specifically, they are going to use Rosetta by Ex Libris. Rosetta completely covers data asset management and preservation for several types of institutions including museums and libraries. … Continue reading Digital Preservation