Institutional Repositories and Faculty Contributions

An institutional repository houses scholarly works for an institution. More specifically, it is “a library of digital objects and associated metadata from a single institution.” (Clobridge, 2010, p.7) While an institutional repository is a great way for a university to develop a collection of institutional research and scholarly publications, it is sometimes difficult to get … Continue reading Institutional Repositories and Faculty Contributions

IRs: Disruptors or the Disrupted

Apparently, we are “Rethinking” IRs already. By most accounts, IR have not fulfilled the promise they offered in the late 1990s and early 2000s. What started as a possible disruption to the vendor controlled scholarly publishing system, has become disrupted. IR’s are experiencing an “existential crisis (Poynder, 2016, p. 4)” and early advocates are disenchanted … Continue reading IRs: Disruptors or the Disrupted