The past as the key to the future

This post will share an article about digital preservation. The article is titled: Bridging the Two Fossil Records: Paleontology’s “big data” future resides in museum collections. The authors in this article begin by introducing the concept of two distinct but intertwined fossil records. The first is the physical record consisting of material objects, the fossils … Continue reading The past as the key to the future

Pyrite in Two Libraries

This post is a response to the prompt to compare metadata in two different digital libraries. The two libraries are Colorado School of Mines – Mineral Specimens and System for Earth Sample Registration. Each library and it's metadata will be discussed and towards the end we'll look at a pyrite sample from each collection. To … Continue reading Pyrite in Two Libraries

Digitizing Natural History Collections

In this first blog post, I wanted to respond to the reading titled Shifting Gears (Erway & Schaffner, 2007),  which discussed digitization philosophy. A few semesters ago I read an article on digitizing natural history collections which covered the efforts of the NHM in London (Blagoderov et al., 2012). The project at London's NHM was … Continue reading Digitizing Natural History Collections