Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Recently, DPLA has been making waves throughout the library community with the recent layoffs of six employees - a developer, a web designer, an ebook team member, an administrator, a metadata librarian, and a curation and education specialist.  Considering that it is the Digital Public Library of America, the laying off of a metadata librarian seems … Continue reading Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Project Management & Digital Libraries

In Week 7's lecture, we touched upon project planning and project management, and I'd like to expand on that a bit now. Why is project management important in digital libraries? Within most digital libraries, the work is project-based. It is important to properly manage these projects because often your resources (time, money, employees) are limited … Continue reading Project Management & Digital Libraries

Copyright & Family Photos

I spent this past summer digitizing old family photos, letters, and documents in order to put together a coffee table-type book for my immediate and extended family.  Our Week 2 readings focused on copyright and intellectual property.  While thinking about this topic, I asked myself: are my family photos copyrighted? Did I accidentally pirate my family … Continue reading Copyright & Family Photos