BiblioTech: The All-Digital Public Library

Shout-out to Ben Steck for mentioning BiblioTech in a discussion board post! Somehow (probably due to my ignorance of the public library world), I knew barely any details about this fascinating project. If you’re in the same boat, buckle up! (Boats can have seat belts, right?) BiblioTech is the first fully digital public library in … Continue reading BiblioTech: The All-Digital Public Library

Privacy in the Digital Library

The “Luddites Unite!” postcard in my office is just one sign that I have no aspirations of being a systems librarian. Information technology is neither my passion nor my area of expertise. Yet despite a tech-wary personality – or, perhaps, precisely because of it! – I am fascinated by digital privacy issues. Ok, maybe “fascinated” … Continue reading Privacy in the Digital Library

Use It or Lose It? The Case of “Fair Use”

About two years ago, I accepted a job that included responsibility for Open Education programs. I didn’t realize at the time how much I, a teacher-librarian with no legal experience, would suddenly have to learn about copyright law. Or, as I like to call it, “everyone’s favorite topic!” (Right??) In short, I would not have … Continue reading Use It or Lose It? The Case of “Fair Use”