BiblioTech: The All-Digital Public Library

Shout-out to Ben Steck for mentioning BiblioTech in a discussion board post! Somehow (probably due to my ignorance of the public library world), I knew barely any details about this fascinating project. If you’re in the same boat, buckle up! (Boats can have seat belts, right?) BiblioTech is the first fully digital public library in … Continue reading BiblioTech: The All-Digital Public Library

Preserving Digital Art, from Photography Blogs to Memes

As I’ve mentioned in class, I work in digitization, which means that much of my context for digital libraries comes from transforming physical objects into digital images. I have thought very little about approaching digital preservation and digital libraries from a born-digital perspective. For some reason the YouTube video we watched in this last portion of … Continue reading Preserving Digital Art, from Photography Blogs to Memes

Speaking of Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation is the conversation of the day for institutions responsible for collection development. It’s not a new thing. It’s been around awhile. However, the way we look at it and handle it has changed. Once upon a time scanning and uploading photos was just a simple processing keeping copies of items for storage usually … Continue reading Speaking of Digital Preservation

A Comparison of Grant Processes

As I mentioned in class, I began working for the Alabama Humanities Foundation as their grants director about three and a half months ago. As such, I spend almost the entirety of my 40+ hours a week at work dealing with grants and grantees. I manage our application process and grant software, work with potential … Continue reading A Comparison of Grant Processes

Digital Preservation and Hypertext: What’s Next?

When I was teaching English Composition to anxious college freshmen four years ago, I tried to let my students know that they were "reading" all the time, even if they were not reading books specifically. No matter what, they were still interacting with texts in a multitude of forms--internet articles, YouTube videos, audio files, podcasts, … Continue reading Digital Preservation and Hypertext: What’s Next?

Digital Preservation in Art Museums

Digital preservation may sound like something that is second nature to archives, libraries, and museums these days. However, that’s not always the case. Preserving born-digital content is considered a must with the growing volume of digital records but it takes a lot of time, resources, and money. One article I read, “Better Together: A Holistic … Continue reading Digital Preservation in Art Museums

Grants for Digital

One grant that has interested me is the Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation Grant. According to, Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation is committed to providing support that directly improves the lives of blind and visually-impaired individuals, helping them realize their full potential in society (Partners for Sight). The grant is available for … Continue reading Grants for Digital

Grant Funding for Libraries – Encouraging Innovation and Collaboration.

I have been responsible for fundraising at the Edmonton Public Library for the past nine years so I understand the importance grants have in supporting great work. It was only after reading Committing to Research: Librarians and Grantsmanship, (Arlitsch, 2013) that I realized how important grants have been to driving innovation in North America. Through … Continue reading Grant Funding for Libraries – Encouraging Innovation and Collaboration.