Introducing Academic Patrons to Image Resources on Your Website

Krystyna K. Matusaik tells us that while students and faculty see the academic library’s website as a valid source of textual information (books and articles), their go-to for visual resources remains the web.[1] Matusaik’s study demonstrated that although students and faculty alike perceived that library sources were associated with associated with quality and reliability, the … Continue reading Introducing Academic Patrons to Image Resources on Your Website

Ask Jeeves and User Experience: The Rise and Fall of an Internet Icon

                                          The original Ask Jeeves launch page                                          Source: Introduction One of the most important aspects … Continue reading Ask Jeeves and User Experience: The Rise and Fall of an Internet Icon

Frustrations of Designing a Digital Library

Anybody that has incorporated usability into their digital library or other projects knows just how frustrating it can be. Often, we know exactly how we want our projects to look and work, and those pesky users (and our colleagues) always end up having their own opinions—for better or worse. Those opinions ultimately lead to a … Continue reading Frustrations of Designing a Digital Library

Accessibility, UX, and Digital Libraries

We discussed accessibility as part of our UX week in Digital Libraries, which is a topic that has interested me for a while. As I generally say about libraries and information resources, they are fairly useless if they remain inaccessible; this goes doubly for digital libraries, especially because digital technology has the power to make … Continue reading Accessibility, UX, and Digital Libraries

Participatory Design and Digital Libraries

In the process of UX design, usability testing does not typically occur until the later stages of development when a prototype is complete. Participatory design, aka “cooperative design,” is a method that involves users from a project’s inception. Elizarova et al. define participatory design as “an approach to design that invites all stakeholders (e.g. customers, … Continue reading Participatory Design and Digital Libraries

Inclusive and Diverse Metadata

In his article “Everything is Miscellaneous”, David Weinberger states that “(t)ogether we construct our past for the future, making the decisions about which photographs to put next to which, ‘chunking’ the smoothness of experience into lumps of meaningful memories (Weinberger, 2007). This idea of more than one person or authority applying meaning and context to … Continue reading Inclusive and Diverse Metadata